Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Natural Born Talent..ed!

I have to share what's happening to me last night! It's was awesome moment of mylife! Remember I shared before about me learning how to play guitar with my brothers last year? it tooks me 3 months to learn 4 chords, one song, 'stand by me' from Ben E King. Yeah? No? Nevermind.
So, at first I learned the song from through youtube, you know. Really, when I keep singing that song, practise the same chords, I get bored and surely people who HAD to listen to my "practise" ..well, *rolling eyes, your body language says it all. By the way, thank you for standing by me after all and for your direct and honest feedback! hahaha!! My finger blistered because I have to press hard on the string. Until now I didn't fully understand how to tune the guitar. I kinda given up on continuing my guitar lesson since then. However, I have to say many thanks to Dymphna and her friends who letting me be in their space to perform on their event called "Legacy Talent Day(Nights)" on 9th Sept 2012. Hahaha!! I remembered, when she first approuch me a two weeks ago and asked, whether I know anybody that can perform for their event. And then, I remembered and said, "Well,I used to learn how to play guitar and I know how to play one song," She replied, "Great!!! I'll fill your name in," and I remember very clearly how awkward my smile was. Perform?? On stage. My guitar? Am I nuts??? What have I done? So, cut the crap. I decided to invite my friends, Kah Wei (Sweet and Still Single guy. hahaha!) to perform with me, he agreed with condition that he is the backup guitar only. I said "Yeah, yeah! No problem." So, we practise the guitar and he suggested for us play second song. "Where got time??!!" I replied but, just go along with him and decided to play another song by, Pearl Jam, "Last Kiss". I agreed to this song just because, it have same chords with the first song. Hahaha!! But, with different rhythm and tempo. For me, problem with this song is the lyrics. I was told that Legacy Talent Day was intentionally to celebrate them for completing their journey in one the training that they attended. So, I was keen to sing the song.
However, that Sunday I was hooked with a lot things with meetings, family and friends since morning so I don’t really have much time to remember the lyric of Last Kiss. So, I decided to do something different. 30 minutes before the event, Daniel (my friend) and I while having our quick pre-dinner create our own lyrics for the performance. It was really, impromptu. On the spot. Reaching at the place, practise the second song with guitar for less than 5 minutes and additional 5 minutes for the first song. End up with additional 3 backup singers on stage. And wallah!! We did it! I acknowledge myself for creating it in contributing for others.

I created excitement, fun and awesomeness. Enrolling my friends to support me on stage and the rest of the night has become magic and miracle. It went smoothly and happening! Bless Dymhpna and her team for organized this event. The event is another platform for other people to unleash their talent. Bless to the owner of the restaurant, Sharine Chua, and her staff in supporting this event. Bless all family and friends that attended for their cheers and supports. I would like to acknowledge a few friends who were there in supporting the effort. They are all great!! And that night is a creation of talented people! Lots of love!! Sufi.