Saturday, April 6, 2013

Hiking at Broga Hill, Semenyih

I've seen my friends went to Broga Hill when they posted on Facebook. The pictures taken was amazing and beautiful. And I shall take the opportunity when it arrives.

One sweet day, a bunch of friends organised an event to go hiking to Broga Hill and I accepted the invitation and drag my boyfriend to come along. This excite me! Finally, Broga Hill.

We started the journey at 4.30am in the morning from Bangsar, meeting point with a small group of us and we shall meet the rest of the team at Pekan Semenyih Petronas gas station by 5.30am. Because we all wanted to reach at the peak by 6.30am, before sunrise.

All pump up and ready to go. It's about 20ish people. The sky is still dark and there is many of people wanted to hike as well.

The journey for the first 10 minutes was okay, the trail was quite flat, however.. the next 10 minutes, I started to panting. The trail started to get challenging.  I could hear my head was screaming "what are you get yourself into?" I hardly do exercise and go hiking, the last I went for hiking is in early 2011 at Kepong FRIM. I went to Putrajaya Marathon in end 2011. so, basically, nothing on physical challenge I did in 2012. And in 2013, it is just a beginning. Really. This must change. I got to do something challenging again. I got to start doing physical exercise to stay healthy.

It was a struggle for me to be on top. A couple of time I have to stop a few minutes to catch my breath. And I cursing my big ass for added burden to my journey up to the peak. In another note, I realized that I responsible for it! Sigh...... :D oh, well.. let's go up! Keep going.

My boyfriend is still holding on. He is strong, carry our stuff and food for breakfast. It's amazing. Although I know, he don't like to do this kind of stuff. He rather sleep in the morning under nice blanket. I'm grateful he always there for me. If we can conquer Broga, we also can conquer Mount Kinabalu and that's it, at the moment. :D

It's a mental challenge to. My head was asking, "Are we there yet? how far some more?" But, the people around me without saying anything was inspired me the most, no age limit, or size, school kids, scout boys, obese people also keep going. For sure, this is nothing. We have our dearly buddy, Job Ng to accompany us, and his weight is about 100kg, I believe. Need to check with him. He inspired me. If he can do it! I also can!

JOB NG! You go, Buddy!!

I experience, if you have motivational problem, go hiking where people just show up and giving 100% of their life to be on top. I keep motivate myself and my boyfriend, "just a little bit more. We can hear people cheering, it's right there," And when we're at another midpoint, I heard my boyfriend said, "There is no way I'm going to get to that top," I look up and the trail is really stiff.

Enjoying the bed of grass..~ Don't fall asleep! We're haven't reach to the top yet!

I know but, I refuse to give up and be okay in the middle of the Broga Hill. Even the middle is beautiful. So, imagine when we're on top?

" A journey of a thousand miles begin with one step. "
We're continue hiking and I feel the difference of my being, I become more use to the voices of my head saying, "we can do this! We're almost there,". The feeling of wanted to be on top is so big and solid and I know I'm going to reach to the top and I'm not letting my team behind.

It was good experience hiking up! Although, we're didn't make it on time to watch sunrise..:D The air was so clean and fresh! I love the air breeze on top and it was blissful. The place was serene and beautiful.

We spent amazing moment with the rest of our team having breakfast! Lovely and healthy too. We share our being, laughter and food.

Foooooood! Breakfast! yummy! 

Beautiful and serene ~ only at middle of Broga. 

Mario and Ramlah also make it to the top! Fantastic!

The couple I always envy for being fit! Muahahahahaha!! Thanks for organised this event and inviting us..:D


The Legacies!!

It's a beautiful place indeed. However, there is still ignorant people who don't really appreciate the beauty of nature by leave their rubbish; unwanted mineral water bottle, drink can and many more. So, we decided to collect the rubbish along the way down. At first, I was hesitating but it just need to take one person to make a stand for cleaner and better environment. If it's not me, than who? 

So, it's about 5-6 people of us did that and thank goodness for the extra big plastic bag that we keep in our bag and starts to collecting. It was for a good cause and we already make a difference to other people. I was surprised to receives a compliment from a foreigner or mat salleh, "Good Job guys, well done!" Never expected that. I feel that if every group that hike the hill take ownership and responsible of their rubbish, sure Broga Hill is the much nicer and cleaner.

What I learn in this challenge is the team work to accomplish our team vision. To hike the Broga Hill and to be on top. I heard, a few friend could not make it to the top because of health issues but, I pray they'll come back and conquer the Hill. To be on top took perseverance, determination and will power. Mental and physical fit will help a lot but, it will not going to stop us from keep going in our dream and vision! This learning is useful for our everyday life. As a human being, we are responsible to take care the nature and the environment. This journey has strengthen the friendship we're continue bonding with among us with a mix of age, race and religion.  

I'm sure will be back to Broga Hill and look forward for another hill to hike! Or perhaps, mount Kinabalu! 

Lot's of Love,


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