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My Superlicious Fantabulous WOW Day!!

By Sufi-licious

By now, I can remember all my LP145 member's name by heart. We have 5 small groups all together; 7-up, Infinity, Jacksan-7, HOT and Polaris.
All have their own charactoristic which symbolise each of everyone in the groups. We all have a mission to accomplish and we all want to win.
We all want to achieve our dreams and personal, professional goals in life. A qoute from Earl Nightingale (1921-1989) saying
"People with goals succeed because they know where they're going. It's that simple."

All of them have been inspired or be inspiration to each of everyone in the team because they understand what it takes to be a winner and most
importantly is how to be a leader. The learning by doing is far beyond the expectation. All the memories in the training room shall be kept in
the safebox of our heart. Althought, our mission within 3 bloody month is not yet accomplished however, our mission to create a WOW DAY to the 3
groups of Under Privilige has been a spectacular day EVEEERRRRRRRR!!!!

The event took place at Park Royal Hotel, Penang on Sunday, 19th June 2011 at 2.00pm - 5.00pm.
Most of us has assembled at the Hotel on Saturday evening to do the final preparation. Well, when I to think of the preparation, it's all started
on our 1st weekend itself when we decide, to who we want to contribute to for our WOW DAY; The Under Privilege.

The Under Privilege.
Our seniors who we also called "the COACH" [not the beg brand from that whatever country], were puzzled on our decision why we choose the Under Privilege?
Who are we refering to? And we are so proud to say it's include Old Folks, Orphanage and the Refugees. It's sound ambitions. I like to take creadit for
bring up the Refugees group in the discussion. There is a long list of the people that we want to contribute and at the end, we choose Seri Cahaya Homes
and LifeBrigde Refugees School. Both organisation are in Penang. And yes, out of 35 members, 7 are from Penang and they are determined to gives the best
for the members from KL. Remarkable spirit of Bee Chin the Queen Bee, our Chairwoman and her Loving Hubby, Hock Meng, Bee Yoke, the Kindergarden tearcher
and also takes the challange to incharge for our T-shirt. Zi Ying, Ms. Lovely. Ester, Ms. Don't-give-bullshit :), Sze, Ms. Mushroom!!! and Last but not
least, Mdm Young At Heart, Agnes. You guys are awesome!! AWESOOMMMMMMMEEE!!! (I use a lot of awesome words, until I am forbidden to say that words during
wow day).

These people highlight a number of Homes include these two groups and we have choose the perfect one for our very first Wow Day. They have fit our
criteria on who will we wish to contribute.

Seri Cahaya Homes.
It's all started from one person, Mdm .... She's working as a nurse and she noticed a few kids who has been left alone in the house while the
Parents went to work. She offered to take care of the children. And while she's doing what she does, more children come and it's not only from one
particular race but also, a mix groups. That's include the autisme, old folks and even HIV kids. Now, the Homes has grew bigger and she did it all
from the help of her volunteers and not a single penny from the Government. the Publis saw what she has done and contribute for the kids and old folks
and help comes from many ways. God bless this Homes and the children.

LifeBrigde Refugees School.
The groups are the children who don't have opportunity to receive education in Malaysia. Just because, they are not recognise by the government. They
don't have Malaysian birth certificate which qualified them to be in the Public school. These children are so smart, street smart I must say. They have ambitions and to live happily.
To suvive in another country without have the opportunity to learn to read and to calcutale, to understand is something that we need to take note.
Do we ever aware of their existence in this country?

The Kids are Rohingya from Western Maynmar called Arakan.
And it's easy to discribe them as the Burmese Kids. I was shocked
to look at them and they are actually from Maynmar. In my head, they probably have look-like Vietnem Kids, have the fair skin with the sepet eyes. But, they look like Indian-Muslim Kids. We probably thought that their parents are actually Malaysian, if we don't know that these kids are from Maynmar.
And the people who manage the School, is so warm and beautiful group of people and I acknowledge them for their effort to have provide shelter and
educate them in every area of education that they can contribute. Such a giver people.

The Hotel.

The Penang Groups has WOW us when they succesfully enrolling Park Royal Hotel, Penang to our vision to open the boundless possibilites for our WOW DAY.

They also negotiate with the Hotel and has giving us the best service and the best rates. Thank you, Mr. Rosli. We all love you and bless you
and your team for all the contribution to provide the venue and the foods, and the scenary by the beach and every little thing that counts.
More than words. Thank you, Park Royal Hotel, Penang.

The Proposal.
After our 1st weekend of our Leadership Program, we gather the Team to discuss what, who, where and when in order to have a proposal so that the Coordinator,
Mr. Suresh of Asiaworks Training approved. Although that many analyser in the Team were asking, how? how? how? but, it does not matter as long as this
Mr. SO-good-to-be-True approved our proposal. It took us more than one week to finalise it and a lots of bla bla bla boom!! APPROVED! Lesson learned, when
the intention are cyrstal clear, the path shall open their ways. And what I was proud during the pre-preparation, is when to choose the Committee.

The Committee.
I suggested to Sanjay that, we need to have a committee for this event so that we have our focused people who will be incharge for every department.
Well, of course, during the preparation of the Proposal, the group of what they themselves called "Superhero" are the Team Coordinator. I personally
feel that there must have one group who shall be responsible and to make sure that our WOW day is a WOW!!! Taking from the experience, I believe
that there is a lot of leader to be recognise and to be polished. And then there's vote! Chairwoman, Bee Chin, Iron Lady.
Vice Chairwoman, Sandy - Ms. Optismistic. Secretary, Alia - Ms. Princess for 18 years old kids. Treasury, Desya - Ms. Trusworthy. Public Relation, Inez
Ms. Authentic, Super Promoter! I must give credits to Evelyn Ms. Big Heart who has been the stronger member for Wow Day Event Team and Tammy,
Ms. kick-ass-shut-up-and-get-your-ass-into-the-pool for being the stronger member for Fund Raising Team.

OMG!! All of them are freaking, don't mess around women!!!!! Awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! And these women kicked ass. Really.

The Fund Raising and the Wish List.
Everybody have their own ways to raise fund for this WOW day. We have target RM40K for the Seri Cahaya Homes, RM30K for the LifeBrigde Refugees School
and RM10k for the WOW day Event. All together is RM80k. I feel numb when I first heard this. Whoa...!! Can we achieve this?? This is crazy!! But, this is
what the "Wishlist"...and yeah, we are going to make it happen because, it's not for us. We put our intention out to the Under Privilege.

Honestly, at first I was clueless. I don't know how to raise fund for these people. RM2,600 for each team member. That is more than how much I earned
every month. We come out one ways which is to sell RM30 worth voucher. Tammy and Kim Fang, another "Kick-ass Mama" enrolled more than 20 stores of
saloon, restaurant that are agreeing to be participate for this WOW DAY. They both covered KL and PJ area. And Penang Group also enrolled 10 stores.
And each of us were given 30 pieces of voucher. RM30 x 30 is RM900. So, if I manage to sell all voucher, I just need to find another RM1700 to accomplised
my part.

I received the 30 pieces of voucher on 2nd June 2011 and I just sold 1 piece before 11th June 2011. I hate that feelings. To have realizes that I have not
done anything at all. I have not enrolled anybody to WOW day Vision. And all I have collected is just grungies. A lot of grungies. And on 11th June,
I have a breakdown. I have a some dispute with my beloved boyfriend where he questioned me on how I participate to raise fund for the WOW day. I'm trying
so hard to make him believe that I'm doing something allready and when I'm losing in my submission of excuses and realizes that I just gives him a
bunch of crap and a lot of bullshit, I stand up and shout, "Fuck it la!! I'm going back!!!!" I took my stuff and drove like crazy woman. Well, my
intention is to get his intention and hoping that he will say sorry and yeah.. Me doing what I think I do best, emotional blackmail.

The Breakthrough.
After 30 minutes driving, I started to cool down and felt something is not right when he didn't call me. He didn't text me at all. He just don't give
a freakin' damn. And it makes me think. Think so deep until it reaches my bottom of my heart. I drove until I reach Tun Ahmad Zaidi College (10 College),
University Malaya(UM). I drove into the parking space and saw the building where I stayed during my first year in UM. I remember I was active in college.
I involved with a lot of activities and that is include one of the annual project that the College committed to, it's Charity Project for Orphanage.
I was 20 back then and I am one of the facilitator for the Project. I was incharge of a group of an orphanage. I can't remember their names now but,
I remember their warm faces and their sweet smile. The project took place at the College itself where the Orphange from different Homes in Lembah Klang
came to 10 College to stay for one night. They arrived on Saturday morning and we bring them to all around UM and a few other places in KL/PJ such as
Nanyang Siang Pau Office, Pusat Sains Negara, Mont Kiara and many more. That night, I spend my night with these three lovely girls. Two of them are sisters.
They are from Asrama Damai. They stayed in my room. My roomate was not in the hostel. It was semester break for us and school holiday for the kids.

So, we chat. We share a lot of memories when we were kids. They shared their hopes and dreams with me. And what most important, they pun the trust in me.
Someone who at that time still clueless on what I want to achieved. At that time, I'm still not sure whether I want to continue be in the Law Faculty.
Still searching for what is real for me. They have look up me so high and one of them said to me, "I want to be just like you when I grew up."

Gosh!! That evening, when I remember those days, my heart was filled with gratitude. Slowly, my heart turns warm and I smile. I missed those feelings.
The feeling of contribution to others who are just stranger and yet we have a lot of common, we wanted to be happy and have a meaningful life. We want to
love and to be loved. :) Regardless for who we are and what we wanted to be.

And so, I called my boyfriend and apologize. We meet again. We look at each other eyes. Look real deep. And when he said he loves me, my tears drop and
I feel relieved. I finally understood what it takes to have compelling desire and Solid Belief.

And I start my engine.

Beautiful People.
On the same day, my Bf and I were invited by a friend named Zach to attend to this seminar, it's a talk on leadership at UCSI.
What so special about these group is they use Religion approach to empower the listener to be what it takes to be a leader. The Speaker is Dr. Peter Ting
from OceanBlue Strategy. I got him so deep in his idea and what he promote of. Although, I'm not sure how to explain what they do
however, I acknowledge that they are creating some waves of positiveness in their action and their words. They shared an energy where it's
started from a human being to another human being. The energy has grew bigger and so powerful until it has opened up my eyes, my mind and my heart.
And feeling was so intense until it makes me stand up and have a stand by supporting them in a way where what do I understood on
what are the purpose of the Religious itself and how the Religious play the main role in every each of human being.

Regardless that you are a Muslim, Christian, Sikh, Buddha, Hindu or others, our common value are to promote goods. It was beautiful feelings, to have peace
of mind, to have serenenity of a pure heart. Imagine all the people living life in peace.. And they may say I'm a Dreamer and I'm not the only one..
And the world will live as one.. Thanks, John for your lovely song.. Imagine.

I don't really focused what I was about to say but I know I got to seized the opportunity and take an effective action. At the moment when my intention
is so clear on what I suppose to do, I walk to Zach (he's the EMCEE of the night), I request the microphone from Zach and gives a short speech and enrolled
my vision to these group. It was more than 20 people from various age of men and women. And suddenly, people start come in to buy the voucher. That night,
I got RM960 all together and my intention was for the Under Privilege.

I felt great. And I'm not stopping there. I strategised. Other that voucher, what else I can do? I called one friend. Some old friend of mine, Just
asking what he was doing. He said, he's on the way to the Curve. He got a Bowling Tournament to attend. I see what's possible for this group to give
the contribution to these Under Privilege. Boom! I got it! Another RM200. Friends, fellow friends. Meeting up and they contribute cash and things.

And it's still not enough. I went to my previous workplace, Sisters In Islam. They got me and contribute. RM100. Not enough. Look forward for another
opportunity of enrolling other poeple to our WOW day vision. I support Fund Raising Team at our Community Booth at One Utama 2 nights in a row. Not much
but, the effort does gives awareness to other people on what we are doing currently. And when they asked where you guys are from and we answered, we are
a group of true Malaysian who want to create a difference to the nation.

Last effort, just before the night we leave KL to Penang, I approached another one friend just to get RM30 donation. And he gaves me, more that RM1000
donation. My heart stop pumping for a while, blood rush to my face. I looked at him with unbelievable eyes and couldn't not describe how remarkable things
just happened. I'm speechless and he just smiled, "at least there will be a blanket and a nice mattress for these kids to sleep on,"

Thank you. You guys have make a changes in everyone life. You have make a difference in my life, indeed. Thank you for your beautiful hearts and soul.

The Journey.
On 18th June 2011, at 7.15am the KL group and the volunteers are on the go and high energy and spirit. We actually traveled more than 5 hours and we reach
there early. At the moment when we crossed the Penang Bridge, I knew the journey was blessed. To have meet again the Penang group, was so amazing! They have
done so much so far. And Ester just lost her Grandma and she was torn whether to be in the Event or be with the family. And she choose to be with us.
Her strenght has inspired a lot of us. Bee Chin and Hock is so excited to be tour guide and bring us to Balik Pulau for Durian after Seri Cahaya meeting.
Bee Yoke finally has produce a nice t-shirt of torquist color with our names all printed on the back of the Shirt. Yes!!!

I am not alone during this journey. I brought my volunteer. He is my forth brother. Salim. Way before the Wow Day Event, I invited him to the Guest Event
where I introduce him to a number of LP145 members. He show not much of reaction of excitement but, then I introduce him to Alia. (hehehe..)
On the way home, he was amazed to have seen to the confidence level of the people who have attended the training. He asked me, how to be in the training.
I said, "just fill up the form and pay lah," One week later, he still have not complete filling up the form. I asked, "which part?"
And he replied, "the Goals section." I asked again, "what is your goal?", He answered, "I got many. Don't know what to choose." "Just Choose three,"I said.
Well, the conversation goes on and on and I felt his resistance to continue talking to me. He rather spend his time chatting with some girls who he
haven't met in personal than speak heart to heart with his only sister who genuinely care and love him.

I got annoyed of his being that night and I ended with a statement,
"I am NOT your sisters from tonight onwards!!"

Another breakdown. I can be such a control bitch sometimes. Being impatient with things that stuck. And get easily frustrated when things does not goes
what I have hope. If only he knows how big I see in him and how I want him to see himself bigger. How I envy him when I was kid and mom gives so much
attention to him. How I notice that he is the only one among the siblings who take the challenge to study in Science Streame and what's could have
he created for his future. But, things does not go accordingly in his life but, now is moving forward only, slow. No urgency. Same like I used to be.

And being that realization, I spoke to him. I apologize and share my feelings and what I see in him. That 5 minutes moment is meaningful to me and especially
when he agreed to follow me to Penang for WOW day. If he only knows, I am so f***kin' proud of him and hope to see him grew bigger than what he is right now.

The Saturday Event at Seri Cahaya Homes.
After we hed our lunch, we went straight to Seri Cahaya Homes to deliver the goods that they had wish in their wish list. The weather is so warm and hot at
the same time. Right behind the Homes is the beautiful beach. When we arrived there and I gives myself an opportunity to be in the experience of
being thankful and how I amazed the scenary. It's a kampung setting, with a coconut tree all over the place. The Kids were having their lunch at thet time
and the look that most Volunteers gives was as if they were in a weird place, most probably what's playing in their head was, "okey....we're here,
then what?" I was so excited to received LP145 t-shirts! Can wait to wear but, the weather was so hot.

Anyway, without further a due, the Team and Volunteer set up the cabinets and clean the libarary and many area at the Homes.
To see the changes of the being of the Library for me giving me such satisfaction. Although, I wish that we could have more time that we could arranged
the books accordingly to their categories. Oh, I miss the Library. The amount of books in the library for the kids is not much but, they have a very
good collection of story books and how I wish I could have had the opportunity to read one of the fairytale stories to these kids.
I grew up with these stories, Cinderella, Pocahantas, Beauty and the Beast and many more.

The ceremony starts at 3.00pm and opening speech from Sandy, the Vice Chairwomen being energertic and authentic really has kickin' some excitement
for the Team, and the Volunteers. Mdm Principal's has inspired me a lot in a way of a giver has been. She did not expected recognisation, money
or anything material when she starts the Homes. What's motivated her was the love that she have in her for these Kids and the senior citizen. Now she
bought a house for the Children. She have the determination to help the needy one and she has proove herself that God shall be with whoever that have
the intention to contribute to the people.

When I listened to her and saw her spirits, I saw inner beauty and how much love she have and she gave. And she shall not stop there until her last
breath. She allready dedicated her life for this Homes. I wish I can describe her with words and I felt that I have seen an angel that just
landed from heaven. Her being was so warm and she has touched my heart and the rest of us.

Tammy and her magic hand blowing that music instrument, clarinet has change the event be more energetic. The Doraemon songs work so far that catch the
attention of the Kids. Some Ice-cream man come and we bought Ice-creams for every kids and many adult "kids" overjoy and expressing themselves
by dancing and sing along. The Kids was so excited and many volunteers were in the moment of "whoa, these people on mushrooms or what?" and many of
them just play along and enjoy themselves with the Kids and Old FOlks. I overheard Dylan gives feedback to us saying that, "they would go crazy if you
guys play Tamil Song. Achacha, okey?!!" "Okey, tomorrow we play some Tamil song for them,"

To see the Kids were dancing "La Bamba" Song, they just shake their booty and head, give me joy and I love every moment. To notice that,
"hey, can't
wait for my WOW DAY!! Can't wait for tomorrow!!!"


Before we go to the Hotel, we drop by at the Durian stall near Balik Pulau. We were on top of the hill and the view was so amazing. I felt worthy it to be
in Penang and plan our WOW day here. I felt so grateful that LP145, after all the drama during the one month period in getting people, kicking their ass,
and our ass being kicked. These people keeps envaded our life, push! Push! push our limits! These crazy people are so determined to reach target of
RM80K for the Under Privilege. And there my brother and I were on top of the hill and he look at me and without saying it, "Your people are crazy!!"
and I replied with that show off smile, "We rather be crazy people than to be lame.."

Preparation Nights.
It was a blessed. I get so excited to finally arrived at Park Royal Hotel. The Hotel view was so freakin' fantastic, boombastic, mr. loba-loba!! It's
amazing. Honestly. The lobby was big and we can see the ocean right afte we in the hotel. And when I reach the grand deluxe room,
my jaw was down and this room was the finest room ever. The ocean was in front of me, the sound of ocean is the most beautiful sounds ever.
The mattress was so comfy. LCD tv. They have bathtab, Uhhh..can't wait to be by myself with luke-warm water. It's fantastic lah.
Well, they have competative like Holiday Inn and even Hard Rock Hotel, I've heard of how amazing Hard Rock Hotel Penang was. Well, to have enrolled
such corporation in our vision; small and yet powerful has a huge impact for us. Money is just a symbol and because of this WOW day,
Park Royal Hotel are actually bringing new meaning what's money means to the Under Privilege, to the Volunteers, to the Witness to are around the
events, to the Hotel themselves and to us, LP145.

After refreshing ourselves, we went down at the Grand Ballroom where the event shall take place. Briefing starts at 8.00pm for the LPs.
Everybody was so excited to have do the preparation. Bee Chin announcing the money that we have collected and we were soooooooooooo happy to have known
at that time, our collection have acceeded more than 80K. I felt like, impossible is nothing. That 6 distiction of leadership has created a leader
in every each of us. Whoa!!! Really. Whoa!!!

But, it's not the end.

After dinner and all, most of the member still have energy for dancing. They went to 69. I surrender. I need rest. Besides, I can go dancing all night
after the event wrap up if I want. And embrace that night, be away from KL, facing up the ocean and listen to the sounds of the beach, be one with
the nature and how I wish my boyfriend is right beside me and enjoy the moment together. I gives credits to him for giving me the kick and some
inspiration. And I know he was so proup of me when I have a breakthrough troughout the period. He never have given up in me and he see me big.
I don't buy my bullshit although I beg him. I sell him with cheap price. At one or two moment, I request him just to wear his Boyfriends Hat. and he is
there to comfort me and assured that things will be fine. And when I look into his eyes and I see myself looking at him. What a beautiful eyes he has,
and what a beautiful heart he has possess. And what's best, I own it because he trusted me. Love is way beyond words. He is my hero. Someone that I look
up to. Someone that, I know has a greater impact to my life.

Thank you for enrolling me to have the opportunity to have this experience in the first place.

19th June 2011.
That morning, I wake up and wash my face and brush my teath and get ready to walk by the beach. To have the ocean breeze against my face has giving me
softest energy. Slowly I opened up my heart to what's possible to happen today at the WOW day. Love? Trust? Fun? Honesty? Relationship? Hope?
Inspiration? Grateful? What else? As my feet were playing with the sand, one text message come from Brian. Talked a bout Brian, he is.. the most
hardest person in my group that I can be open with in the beginning. He communicate to fast and It's difficult for me to catch his words sometimes but,
we had our moment together. I replied his text and invited him to join me at the beach. and a few minutes later, he joined me. I saw his gloomy face.
He was so excited and share me his story about the journey from KL to Penang with his Dad, Uncle Hoon. It's Father's Day and he felt joy to have the
opportunity to celebrate it with his Dad in Penang.

He introduce me to his Dad and Uncle Hoon was so happy to be there. "The place is so beautiful, the food is so delicious, and the people is so warm
and friendly, I like my vacation," as what he shared. I replied, "It's good to have you here too, uncle."

Brian and I decided to have breakfast together. Later that join us is Desha and Nurul. And then Alia. I called my brother to join us. He came
20 minutes later. At that time, Alia was telling us a story and she stop a while and acknowledge, "Eh, you shaved (mustached and beared)," and continue
with her story. Knowing my brother, I know he is quite embrassed to have notice that way. (hehehe..) Anyway, we have our victim-hotline-moment on the
table. I picked up a few stories and I am a natural born supporter. However, I turned the story to be responsible stories.
As much as I want to share it here in this article, all I can summarised is, moment over, step to the left and lesson learned.

The time is ticking. My brother and I quickly got to the room and packed the bag and check out. LP145 have grounding session at 10.30am and we
need to ground the Volunteers at 11.00am.

Jay, the Coordinator for the LP145 really has done a great slap to me and to the group. During the grounding, he reminded us to have the focus to
the Under Privilege. He reminded us on what our being supposed to be during the event. At that particular of time, what playing in my mind is
finally, it's my WOW day. Don't know how much WOW it can be. Don't know how many little WOW can be created but, I know and every each of us
know, it's gonna be a BIG WOW DAY!!

The Kids from LifeBridge Refugees School were suppose to arrived at around 1.00pm. All the Volunteer and LPs were at their places. We were all ready
with a higher spirit and excitement. I myself committed to create a loving, responsible and fun for this event. Focus! Focus! Focus! I don't know
what to expect but, I just place myself where I need to be. At the registration table. We received them with an open heart and warm smile, with a welcome
applouse. And the Kids were smiling at me giving me their names one by one. They were 8-10 Kids for each group from LifeBridge. We play the high beat
song from Katy Perry, Black Eye Peas just to make the Kids felt happy and warm up for the event. I felt so excited and can't wait to received Kids from
Sri Cahaya. And there they was, I guest it's about 12-15 Kids and 2 Old Folks for each group. And the Volunteer was so excited to received the Kids.

After the ice-breaking session, and to keep the energy in high momentum, LP145 cheering their cheer, sang their song and do the LP145 clap!! Yess!! We
committed to go all out for this event and to create the most unforgotten WOW DAY ever. Whatever experience we have with the Kids and Old Folks
will always place is our sweet memories. And one of the sweet memories that my brother and I share is two boys from LifeBrigde School. AyubKhan and Yusuf.

AyubKhan and Yusuf.
I need to rest for one minute before I wrote about these two boys. Ayubkhan was 11 years old and he wore Chekered Blue Shirt and Yusof was 7 years old
wearing Baju Melayu. Both of them are from Rohingya. I'm not sure whether their parents is in Malaysia working here or not but, their being is same like
my most hyper active nephews, Zubir. At first, they look very obidient, listen to us so, I just let my brother to take care of them both. I know he can
handle them. But, who knows that both of them together can be a nightmare.. hahaha!!

However, to have seen those kids just enjoying themselves, having a time of their life has been a tremendous feelings for me. To have seen they walk off and the word goodbye is the hardest word to say. I kissed those two kids and pray that they would have become somebody worthy to their country.

Just to think about it again, if only everybody balance themselves to be a giver and taker. To give love and to take love.. should the world be wonderful? No hunger, No war, everybody is taking care of each other and live in harmonies? Could it be achieved? Is it so hard to do?
Hurm.. who can answer that? Anyway, I'm sure everybody are loving and caring. Would they turn their back when their brothers/sisters seek helps? :) Ponder and enjoy the video. It's the outcome of our WOW DAY. LP145, One Heart, One World, Boundless Possibility.

The Seniors
Before we took off, Jay call all of us for debrief, and it's a honor for me to receives acknowledge from him that he saw a leader in every each of us. All of us give 100% and we all want to make this day as our WOW DAY. Feedback from the seniors.. have touched and give more inspiration for me to WIN in achieving my goals. Thank you Jay, Tina the Control B**tch-I-don't-buy-bullshit, Zee the supercool-zass, Isaam the super promoter , Harvey the analiser-freak and last but not least, Kit the Bintang-Tiga-Komunis. And I love them SOOOOOOOOOOO much!! :P Because of this WOW DAY, I have seen their soft side and they are all loving, caring and sincere person. I know that there is another more than 45 days to complete our LP journey and this WOW DAY really make me a different person. My view about life has open wide and I felt that all of our hard work has paid off and we look forward for more WOW DAY!!

I love my Superlicious Fantabulous WOW Freakin' DAY!!

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