Thursday, September 20, 2012

Winning is a Habit!

Winning has NOTHING to do with anyone else.
Winning is a personal thing, it's a habit.
Finishing a marathon is winning.
Not giving up until you hit your 100th rep is winning.
Winning is about realizing your potential, that you have exhausted all that you could do, and looking back KNOWING that you beat yourself.
This is why, winning is a habit.
Life is not always a competition with others.
But it's always a competition with yourself.
- happydaisylovelynigh

I don't play football. In fact I don't do much sports. I don't really sweat and compete in any match, any sports. I'm not a sportwoman. However, I find sportman/woman a very fascinating people. Play in a team and won. Well, compete. Some game we win, some game we lose. How we play the game, counts, no matter who we compete with. Do we play game when our team win, each indidual win?


However, let's look at our everyday life. Are we living our life as a team? Or alone? What do we create everyday in our life. Looking deeper in ourself. Are we our result? Winning yes is a habit. A habit, if you did long enough become a culture, culture shall then become a belief. How fantastic is it when winning become our belief.

Praise the Lord for this enlightenment.

Lots of love.

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