Friday, January 11, 2013

Living & Eating Healthy!

(*Warning: I am NOT a nutritionist)

I am so excited!

For the last 2 weeks, I have been getting what food should I eat that will give purpose to my body. Become more conscious I have change my diet to eat more vegie and less carb and fried stuff. Yes. It is sooo challenging to live without carbs in Malaysia. Rice and noodles is my main food - good food!

I have once lose 10kilos in 2011 in three months and I feel great! But, My mind was sub-consciously tell me that, I did it once, I can do it again. So, I admitted that I have not been on track and (why am I not surprised?) I have gained 20kilos in 2013. Urggh! Yes. It's horrible. I look at mirror every morning and tell to myself, "I'm not that fat..."  and continue doing what I love most! EAT!

The thing is, friends and family (include my other half) keep reminds me that I gained weight. Yeah.. that's normal until it became imune to me. My sub-conscious mind said, "So what?! I can lose again, I'm just don't want to. Not now. Not today.."

One sweet day, while I was watching TV with some snack..(ok, it's my favourite junk food). My mom, suddenly she asked me, "Do you know you getting fat like who? (in Bahasa; "Acu tahu acu gemuk macam siapa?")  I was stunned and stopped. "Who? (Siapa?)" My face was numb. I can feel as if my heartbeat stop. That night, my mom was very neutral in giving her feedback. No shows of emotion; not angry, not being cynical or being dissapointed. And she mentioned one of our well-known relative. I was shocked and feeling "warned". I can feel the cold-sweat on my forehead, my lips feel dry, and I sigh...

That feedback remind me that, if I didn't do anything about it, instead of being overweight, I could be obese. Well, it's not that I have anything against it but, it is something for me to be alert to.

When I succeed in losing 10kilos last time, I signed into one of the prestige fitness center in KL, and I was committed to lose weight. My focus is to lose fat, weight anything that can support my body lose weight. Oh, ya! I also have one coach which I used to resemble her to 'komunis or samurai'. I was scared and yet respect her and the way she coach me together with a support of a group of 'crazy' people - checking my result every weeks for the whole 3 months. Hahaha! It's a sweet memories.

I don't think so that's working for me now. The only person that can coach me, is myself and support group that I have is a few people that are committed to live a Healhty, Sexy and Sleeky life ~ And, note to self, it is only me that have power to sabotage everything good in my life. And I have learned; learned from a hard way.. :/

And I moved on. It's time to step to left and take the lesson.

Yes. So, as I mentioned earlier in what I wish for 2013, is to have a healthy lifestyle. Be balance. Moderate. Conscious. Happy. Consistence. Yes. At the end of the day, I wanted to lose weight however, my purpose to lose weight is live healthy and happy. And this is what I have created so far since early January 2013;

Light Exercise
I have been waking up early for morning walk for 30-45 minutes, solat/meditate for 10-15 minutes, went to morning market to buy breakfast for my parents and some vegie for lunch. After work, I eaither went for a jog or for a swim in one hour. I'm so excited about my new one piece swimming suit (not yet a bikini) which I bought it a few months ago, only using it for the first time last weekend. Haha! And I love exercising in the swimming pool. It's less stress than walking on a treadmill but, I have to admit my stomach gets little hungry after one hour exercise in the pool. So, I just treat my tummy a nice hot milo kosong (without sugar).

Psyllium Husk
What is Psyllium Husk?
This is very cool supplement food. Read this for more info. Friends recommends this to used as a regular dietary supplement to improve and maintain regular GI transit. I have this every morning, mixing it with water. How it taste? Well, it's tasteless. Some friends describe like having biji selasih drinks. If you have tried Herbalife product, good. But I prefered this because it has same effect and way more cheeper - I got it in one of Indians grocery shop in Brickfeild, KL for less than RM10. I did check out the price in hyper supermarket like Tesco, a bit pricey and can reach to RM40 per packet.

Vegie for Lunch
My lunch is so easy to make. In the morning; I boiled eggs (maximum 2) and two type of vegie, example for today, I boiled japanese mushroom and broccoli. During lunch, I just warm up the boiled vegie for 1-2 minutes, sprinkle it with a bit of salt and pepper. Cut a medium size tomato to 8 pieces. And served with olive oil and a bit lemon juice. One thing about homemade lunch that I really love is my creativity. Oh, ya! Please chew your lunch slow and enjoy every taste of it.

Chips & Sweets
I refuse to weight myself. Not yet. Not now. I want to establish this healthy habit first and get used to it. My learning as of now, is to be conscious of what I eat. Be okay if my body feel the urge to eat some chips and sweets. But, never being excessive and overloaded.

Drinking Water
I have yet to establish the habits of drinking water for 8 glass a day. But, I will keep consciously tell my body to drink water everytime.

Actually, creating healthy living is fun! My body feels lighter and I become focus at works. Best things was, my coffee is not to wake me up but, I just merely enjoy the fresh aroma of coffee..

Hungry moments
Oh, yes! Everytime while driving home - that long one hour drive home! Yesterday, Mr. H and I supposed to have dinner at one of our favourite Mamak. But, on the way there, I realise that my phone battery is getting really low - almost died. So I called him to change our plan to meet up at home, instead. I requested him to take away some food for dinner. And so, he's back WITHOUT any food. Nothing for munch. I don't know what get into me. I get so emosional, I can feel my hand are shaken because I was so hungry and angry. And I cried. Mr. H was shocked to see me like that. So, I guess along the journey my mind keep telling me about the food that I hope that Mr. H would bring home and when it's not there, my body react.
What I could do different is to have a snack of healthy biscuit in my car to munch if I felt hungry and control my hunger.

Well, I guess I have to get use to it. Still adjusting my life to be on track and creating what I want to have for 2013. So far, I love my healthy life and lots of things to explore and experiments as long as my intention and purpose are clear.

Cheers to a greater life, Babe!

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