Monday, April 22, 2013

GE13: Why Vote?

Yesterday I had a dinner with this guy after work. He is about 38 years old Malaysian man. We met in one of the event and we exchange phone number. Last night was the first time we went out to hang out and chill. So, I warm up the conversation begin with how's life? how's work? Very common answer.

And then, we went on chat about the current news; the General Election 2013 and I asked him, "Where you're going to cast your vote?" with excitement and enthusiams. He replied, "I'm not a registered voter," My jaw drop and respond, "How come?"

Him : I'm just not into politics. Not my cup of tea..
Me : Why not?
Him : Makes no difference. With one vote.. Nothing is going to change.
Me : So, you are okay with everything that happen in Malaysia? Or you just don't care?
Him : Yeah.. everything is fine. Whatever happen right now, we adjust. As long as I manage my financial, my freedom, I'm good. Whatever..
Me : Owh! If you are not happy with the current government, how did you voiced out your voice?
Him : Facebook, Malaysiakini, just post my comment.
Me : (Laughing out loud) You know it doesn't work that way?! Seriously, if you don't vote, then.. Pakistani, Philippians, Bangladeshi shall vote on your behalf.. since when they have this right?
Him : Yeah.. you have a point. But, I don't care.

I just stop the conversation about him being a non-registered voter and yes, he is not the only one. There is many among us just don't care. Simply don't care. Even if we are a registered voter, some of us just don't care to vote. We don't care what or who govern our country, manage our tax money.

Well, my reason to vote is to get my voice heard, exercise my right to choose who I sincerely feels should we elect to govern our country, to create our stand and develop our nation. 1001 reasons why we should vote!

However, I do acknowledge that not voting as well is a choice, but still... why don't you just vote. Yes, indeed. Another 1001 reasons why you decide NOT to vote. Whatever it is, you always right. Oh, well ~ No wonder 'lah what happen in our country right NOW happened the way it is. We all responsible for that, because we just don't care enough ...

I care.