Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Let's Walk Hand In Hand

Yesterday is another day to be remembered by all of us Malaysian and kudos to Malaysian Bar to make this stand to opposed the Peaceful Assembly Act 2011 Bill. Although that the Malaysian Parliament passed the law, (as I expected - 2/3 majority Barisan National MP's lah!)

Some people support the Bill, some people against it, some just don't give a damn!

But hey, we live in a Democracy country, which the voice of people need to be heard. Regardless whether you are from the majority or minority's, your voice counted and must be heard. With this law and the way it has been conduct and when we read through it, our conscience were itching telling us "hey, this is not right," And let us exercise our ability to respond because we can. We can exercise our right to freedom of speech, in good faith of course.. even if you have something stupid to say...

According to our Federal Constitution article 10, guarantees Malaysian citizens has the right to freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and freedom of association. However, we do not live 100% fully to our Constitution because of 1001 reason that has been made by our current Government. And this Act is surely, or seems to be (or at least to most of us who READ and UNDERSTAND what is the Federal Constitution) knows that this Act is just another Draconian Law same as the ISA and the rest of other related existing act.

Recently, there is an event for the minority to voice out their concern and worries, Sexuality Merdeka 2011. And yet, their right has been taken away. SEXUALITY MERDEKA WAS BANNED! Thanks to Ibrahim Ali, Perkasa Leader. Being typical Melayu, anything related to SEX, GAY, HOMOSEXSUAL is just another juicy stuff to gossip into without really understand what is it anyway. Simply want to make so much noise without really understand what is that event are all about. And then, judging and discriminate. It's easy to punish people because they think they have "power". So sudden, some so-called Leader make a statement saying that Homosexuality is unconstitutional. Note to that statement, "Don't simply use the word of "UNCONSTITUTIONAL" if you don't know what "Constitution" means because, it sounds stupid and yet funny when it you say out loud!

Drama! Drama! Drama! Being Melayu, we just loves watching Drama, kan?

I'm just a simple humble lay person with Law background education, another Malaysian Citizen and registered voter. I am NOW proudly use my right to express my frustration and my deepest sympathy to our beloved Prime Minister, that this two ways relationship between Leaders=Rakyat as what you have been proposed or promoting (transformation thingy) is not working because the real transformation thingy that is suppose to happen is not happening. You just lost ONE vote. Opps..

I have hope that one day, our Prime Minister could be someone like Nelson Mandela, Aung Sann Suu Kyi, Martin Luther King Jr. Dalai Lama, and many more Leader who sacrifice their whole life to uphold the right of the people. Nothing more important to have Leader using their REASON and COMMON SENSE, genuinely uphold what their human conscience whispered... regardless their race, religion and gender.

I have a dream that one day, Malaysia have a leader who protects the right of the Rakyat as a whole and put the Rakyat on top of their heads. Let us walk hand in hand to make sure the voice of all Rakyat Malaysia even animal and our forest will be heard and together we build the nation where reason and common sense arise!!

Let us sending lots of love, compassion and positive vibes to our future... Let's spread good by exercise words of kindest. Being aware that the changes always starts from within... If we want to see the Changes, Be the change.

I love you Malaysia. Forever.



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