Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Myself and God ~

We have enough religion to make us hate, but not enough to make us love one another.
-- Jonathan Swift

I am a born Muslim. A woman. I am bless for this life and the guidance. Thank you for the holy Quran ~ I remember my mom use to teach me reading the Quran and as I grew up, I learn how to pray and practice fasting every Ramadhan. There is a few do's and don't that my parents thought me about being a Muslim. For example, Muslim don't have a dog as a pet, Muslim don't eat pork and drinks alcohol. When I ask why? Because it's forbidden in Islam.

And I follow. I studied my religion at school, I learn about sirah how our Prophet received his first revelation and how Islam has become the most influential religion to most country. And I learn, I accept because I was told to follow what was in the Quran.. I never questioned why because I'm scared to cause sins. Ustazah said, Muslim who commit a lot of sins goes to hell. We must do good, be good and say good. At all time.

Islam is the right religion. Islam is the truth. And I accept. With all my heart. I believe there No God Except Allah, Muhammad is his messenger.

Recently I have asked myself what if I was not born as a Muslim. Would I be lucky enough to embrace life as it is? What makes me difference from the rest of the Muslim people in this world? Please forgive me God for having this thought ~ As I learn and experience life, through reading and observation, I am all the same with the rest. What makes me different from each other is how I value mylife, myself and everything around me. I need to be aware of what I'm thinking and feelings...

I enjoyed having my quality time with the nature and it is one way that makes me feel closer to God. I pray for guidance and peace at heart. And I do have question about life, about God, about human, about the Universe.. And this thought make me feel small and vulnarable and makes me believe that there is a bigger force that rules the life around us. And that is how I build my relationship with my God. Almighty God. I have the need to be closer to God and to make me feel attached. To be filled. Faith.

I guess, I really need to look up for more knowledge and better understanding about my God.

InsyaAllah ~

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