Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Weddings ~ Love, Rules!!

Weddings has always makes me feel happy.. I am happy for my consins, my aunt and uncle, my fellow friends and everybody who is brave enough (hehe..) to step into the bigger and new horizon of their life.. Congratulation to those couple and I am honour to have been invited and attended their wedding ~

All wedding are lovely.. The couple and family are doing their best for the weddings, the preparation was excited and there is a lot of to-do-list and yet, we haven't go through the price of nowadays packages that include dresses, catering, gift for the guest, make up, photo, reception decoration, flower, and many more.. Bless them for all the hardwork and it is not an easy task.. Even, for some who preparing a simple weddings also can cost them up to RM10,000-00 or more but, I'm sure it is an event that they will never forget..

I am not yet married however, I won't lie to myself that one sweet day, there will be a wedding day for me and I dream of a simple wedding which will be attended by my beloved family and friends and blessing from both side, bride and groom's family.

I dream of a white wedding dress for the ceremony and just a plain gold ring engrave both his and my name. And the rest, I just want to let it go with the flow.. White lily and ocean breeze perfume candles.. soft wedding music and blessing.. lots of blessing..

Marriage ~

I wish and pray for a happy marriage with lots of laughter and happiness and hey, reality bites! It ain't happen if I didn't work for it ~ Scary! And yet, through friend's testimonial and eye-witness, I think, I can handle it.. *blushing*

And yet, my heart said the time shall arrived and remind me to be graceful and full acceptance to what may come.. I have found what I want deep down in my blooming heart.. I do feel complete and it's clear to me that I am in the right track.

Every step towards it make my heart felt overwhelmed..

I, Him and Us ~

And I know, he knows and God knows, If it's to be, it's up to us ~ Question is, whether both of us ready and brave enough to jump! and fly ~ and reaching for the stars *** Again, reality bites!!

I am holding myself, my heart, my sanity, my faith and my belief.. Please God, enlighten me with your grace and whisper me your guidance. Does love, rules?

I am in a mood for a romantic and it's a heart break to have been in a situation when I am not allowed to be with someone that I love. Love is not just a word. It's a being and the rest will come naturally. Wise man said, love is blind ~ Only fool rush in ~ and yet, that's make us, feel human. Love.. compassion.. peace..

May God bless us and the rest of our beautiful life. Although being with him, and choose to be with him can create a conflict for the rest of our life but, if its to be, and if its within our control, we shall do whatever it takes to make our wish and dream come true ~ If it makes us happy, our hope and wishes is just for a good blessing..


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