Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My Vision for Malaysia

I have a bigger hope and dream for Malaysia. Every each of us plays a bigger role as people of Malaysia. Do you know that whatever happened to our country, all of us are responsible for it? However, most of us choose to put other people to blame, instead of us choose to take ownership of every little thing and it’s includes me because it’s easy. It’s not our fault. Let other people handle what’s not working with our country. What kind of complain that we usually hear about Malaysian? Ahh.. we just love to complaint but didn’t do something about it. However, I would like to acknowledge those who have courage to make a stand for Malaysia especially those who are coming from civil society. They make a stand for the people, for the cause because they believe of all of us deserved to be treated equal and fair. Let us not touch on politics just because, too much energy has been drawn from the people when both our current government and the opposition are playing I’m right-You’re wrong’s game. Yes, I choose not to say. There are other bigger issue that we can talk about. Let us first stop, and drop everything. Drop our opinion, our belief, our thoughts, our feelings about Malaysia and as Malaysian. Let us look at ourselves. What is it about us that we really love? What really unites us as together as Malaysian. What have we committed to create for Malaysia? What have we contributed to our generation, to our children, and to the future of Malaysia?
I don’t know about u but personally, we could starts by asking what we want for ourselves and to the people around us, our environment and Malaysia as a whole. Notice, we always avoid to talk about the what is not working in our country openly, honestly and courageously because we don’t want to pay the prices of lose face, being judge or being arrested, and worst we could be detain without trial for several years when we really openly discuss about what is not working and what is possible for Malaysia.
What works for us is to have given the space and freedom to speech, to move, or anything else that is fall under our Federal Constitution and carry it with responsibility and coming with the intention on good faith. What is sad, most of us also never seen our Constitution. Are we even cares to understand the core of our Constitution? There is a set of principles such as rule of law contain is it and gives guidance for the law-maker to do their job in protecting and servicing the Rakyat. Given so much of experience and incident happen to Malaysia recently shows that are we are started to aware something could have done better and efficiently. We pay our income tax and if you counted how much we earn and pay up the income tax, our country could have been the richest country in South-East Asia, looking at we don’t really have challenges of natural disaster like earth quake and volcano. So, what’s really holding we back from having a prosperous, clean and beautiful, harmonize, united country? We have so many resources that we could have ever dream. The knowledge and the technology are in our finger for us to do research and development in every each sector. In which way should we see how much we worth for and don’t we should compete in a positive ways with each other and challenge us to be the top regardless of our race, religion and our cultural.
I would want to see myself be REALLY be independent without demanding some subsidies and what will it takes for the country to feed me but what we could do for our country regardless of who is our government as long as they hold us the people big and so equality, justice, fairness can be given to all people, and not to choose and pick where they coming from. When I read our history, the fact states we are all immigrants and we are living in this world to learn, to grow and to share. In my point of view, a country that are govern and rule based on control and manipulation shall never can empowered the people to expand their highest and biggest possibilities. For decades, each of us has been feed by lots of belief of ourselves and others. It was created mostly based from misunderstanding because we don’t really discuss what really matters such as our government, our law, our education system, our economy, our society and many more. We didn’t really create a safe space for real debate which can enhance our being, our thought. Most of us, created our own belief that suit us and if that belief holds us back, what benefits could we get by holding it for so long. Can’t we just be united and living with respect with no bribe and judgmental? Even God Almighty said we were born equal, why do we create distinction between us.
We didn’t really dream BIG. So what now we have one astronaut, now what? Is there a possibility that we could have our own spaceship? We have more than twenties, the rich and famous people in Malaysia, why can’t we created 2 million people are billionaires and be a giver and the most needed. Why don’t we create success to all people of Malaysia regardless of their race and at the same time, our environment is well taking care of therefore our nature didn’t swollen by the greediness of the so called “developer” in the name of development? We could have create balance and harmonize relationship between nature and development. It’s DO sound theoretically and idealistic and I may sounds like a dreamer but, could it be fair if we all committed to create a loving, honest, and powerful country so that we could be inspired and inspired to serve the people all around us and the world.
The only thing the hold us to grow bigger and be a giver is our own selves. We have sell-out our dream and our hope for Malaysia just by being selfish and only think about our own self demand instead of giving out there and stand for what is possible for Malaysia, our beloved country. This is our home. What rights does “other” people to chase us out just because we didn’t see eye to eye? Let us dream again for Malaysia and have a vision of possibility to bring Malaysia higher out to the world. Together and united, live as the real meaning of one Malaysia, and not just a cheap slogan where our vote can be bought.

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