Thursday, August 9, 2012

Stop. Look. Discover.

I acknowledge myself for taking the risk to see the ever possibility that I could achieve in this present of time. As I walk my journey, I have stop and ask myself, what is happening in mylife recently. How was my being with my loves one, my family, friends, the society, the animal. What is my belief about my religion, my country, my society and even about myself. There is a few learning I can conclude about myself; I am smart, courageous, loving, passionate and I can be anything that I wish to be. I took the opportunity to look deep into myself, going deeper into my heart and searching what else in this life that I could ever want? What else seems to be missing in my precious life? Am I very important that I know I can make a difference in this life? As I look deeper, I have discover what's bring meaning to mylife. HAPPINESS. What makes me be happy, what will it takes for me to create happiness and have the happiness in mylife. Since life has up and down to me, I tend to be the victim to money, to time, to the circumstances, to the consideration, to the belief that does not works for me, I have been a victim to myself. I have realized that I have been sabotaging my own life for not giving 100% to my best ability.
On 5th August 2012, our beloved Dato' Lee Chong Wei has shown his higher spirit and his greater love to the country. He create the togetherness for Malaysian in the 2012 Olympics. He didn't get the Gold for Badminton for us, however, his determination has moves us and make us proud. Thank you, Dato' Lee. Wishing you to achieve your highest achivement and long live in excellent. You will always be inspired and forever love.. And question to us, how many of us really gives 100% in our precious life and achived that breakthrough?
As I discover for more, I have been open, both my heart and mind to receive the enlightenment about life. About love. About giving. About blessing. About abundance. And I am grateful and I live today and I have widen my view of life. And I started by have a stop. look. As I inhale and exhale the breath that go into and through my body; I felt overwhelmed by the strengh and joy that celebrates beautiful and meaningful journey. I began to reflect every learning and reflect back in my past life and acknowledge everything happen to me has it own lesson and it's time for me to step to the left, and move forward for beyond the possibility and create happiness that I wishes for.
Thank you for this learning. It's time for more breakthrough ~ Lots of love. Hope. Trust. Faith. Sufi.

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