Tuesday, May 29, 2012

goodfriend that you can count on...

Do you still remember your childhood friends? The one that every evening would be around on the playground and play with you. How are they now? Married? or at the playground still playing with his or her kids? And when you starting your schooldays, primary and then secondary, how was your circle of friends. Did you still keep in touch with your schoolmate? Are you still hang around and have good time together like old school? Or, did you have a real goodfriend when you were growing up? How about time when you were in college and university? How would the friendship goes? Is it become more real? sincere? and genuine? What is friendship all about? And life moved on till you starts your career. Would you be counting on them?
I use to have a friend which I just have to talk to her, to update what's happening in ourlife. It can be good news, bad news, sad, frustration or even gossip about anything everything. We shares everything through hardship and happy moments. We were bestfriend like everybody would thought we were together. But, life goes on. She went her way. And I, moved on. It's hard to not having her around. Till now. My prayer is to wish that she is doing great and happy. I remember, I use to be around with people who fakes about their lives telling how cool and awesome they were. Impress me at first but, I know, being with them does not makes me real. I did't walk away because I was tempted to live in their lives. Act like them, be like them. I realize that I need to be myself and re-claim my life as how it suppose to be. I walk this journey with other friends who care enough and started a new friendship again. I would be gone mad if I didn't hear anything from her for so long. I had the opportunity to give love, trust and honesty in friendship. I am thankful that I have circle of friends that always there to support and to care. It's not hard to keep a friend if you making an effort to keep one. But, I do acknowledge some friends out there are just not worth it to keep. Sending them a lot of forgiveness and happiness. I miss having a good conversation with a friend - just talk about anything that uplifting and gives positive vibes with every sharing. Even with different point of view but, we acknowledge the power of knowledge. I love the way it is now. Sometimes, less is more. One thing I learn, if I am a good person, there will be good people around me. Negative friends would exist but, their presence makes no different to who I become. I do feel if I am clear of who I am, I have a control to select my circle of friends. Thank you to those friends who were there for your goodfriends. Friendship that matter most is the one who just know what is real. If you hanging around with fake friends, you will be fake also. Well, let's start have a believe that real friends exist because you are real, sincere and honest. just saying - Sufi.

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