Thursday, May 19, 2011

What's Sex got to do with it?!!

I invited you guys to look deeper why gender issues is still an issues. WHY are we focused so much on what man or woman can do or cannot do. Why there is a distinction on who can do it better?

As I was driving home, I realize that God has given each one of many choices on what we want to be based on how we see life. I believe that God had created Adam & Eve for one reason. To get connected and to live in harmonize..

I do acknowledge that things has become quite complicated when someone felt that, she or he were trapped in someone's else body. I genuinely wish to know how that feeling become and I salute those people who have brave enough to be true to them selves. There are brave enough to admit to the world that they don't give a damn what the society think about them. They lived their live just the way they wanted to and at the end of the day, only good things that we do counts.

Some people would against it because of many reason and one of it is the religious believe. It's forbidden by their teaching and believe. But then again, who are these people forgot that their religion teach about compassionate, the truth and peace.

Since when these group of people have been given power by God that they are allowed to punish people who are not living their life, so-called normal.

I have opportunity to know a few friend who at that time I found quite peculiar. To make it short, they've born as a man but, would like to be known with a girly name. As I got to know them, I sees their true color. They are warm, loving and smart. Vice-versa goes to some friends that I've known since high school.

So what?

As I get to know them, it doesn't matter where they went for shee-shee. It's doesn't change how I see them as a person, as a friend with good values in them and I love them so much! They have proven to me they are worth it to love and to be loved.

Again, what's SEX gotta do with it?!! Live your life the way you see it~

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