Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Beautiful Mom [Mak]

By Sufi

My mom had told me a story on what had happened on the day I was born. She felt something powerful would come out from her womb and she believed her world would change on that date. Despite that my Dad was not around; he had outstation in Melaka. She asked help from my neighbor to send her to Hospital Besar Kuala Lumpur. It was early morning and exactly at 9.05 am [as stated on my Birth Cert].
As I’m writing this article, memories of my mom and I just play up. How innocent I was and how depending I am to my mom.
I remember how she bribe me with my favorite meal, warm rice mix with fried mackerel fish and some soy sauce) with her bare hand. (Erm…) I also remember that I always left behind (I’m a slow walker) in a crowd at any funfair or market place and then, my mom would come back and rescue me. I also remember my mom would just left me at home with my dad (while he watching TV) and I would cried out loud screaming calling her. I was angry at her just because she refused to bring me to Night Market (Pasar Malam). I remember that she just laugh cynically because I told her that she don’t love me anymore, she preferred my 3rd brother rather than me. Oh, how silly I was back then but, then again I was a kid.

I’m her little girl.

As I grew up, I become more aware of her role as a mother. She is a housewife and she has prepared everything for the family. She cook, she wash, she iron and fold the cloths, she goes market to buy groceries, she make the bed, clean the house, and the list goes on as she’s been taking care all of it and she done it well!

She is my superwomen.

And then, when I started to share her responsibility and helping her to care of the house, I questioned her. “Why I’m the only one who helping you? Why can’t the other (my whatever brothers) help us to take care of this house. We can delegate the task and less burden you.” And my mom replied, “It’s okey lah. They are boys. You are a girl in this family. Who else can help me if it’s not you?”
I was furious and confused at the same time. Being a boy has a lot of privilege than being a girl? I don’t mind helping my mom as of fact but, what if I was born as a boy. Is thing going to be the same?

I asked myself. Who decide this?!

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