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Girls & Boys - Parenting Do Counts

A Tribute to My Nephews and Nieces!
By Sufi

As of date; 24th June 2011, currently I have 4 nephews and 3 nieces. Three (3) of them are my First (Along) brother's sons. Zikri aged 12, Zaidi aged 11 and Zubir aged 6. Another three is my Second (Angah) brother's children. Syamil aged 6, Zara aged 4 and newborn baby Zuyyin four month old. Safwan, My Younger brother has become a father at the aged 24 and his wife Ayna, aged at the aged of 18 years old mother of newborn baby Adawiyah, same age as Zuyyin, 4 month old.

Parent No 1: Safwan & Ayna

I would love to share with you guys about this young couple. Safwan and Ayna. Honestly, I admirer their courage and their determination of wanting to have and willing to sacrifice their younger moment in order for them to have their own family. They both shared dream of having life together two years ago before they officially mariade to each other.

I have heard about them since Ayna was still wearing her school uniform. I thought, it's going to be another Safwan's puppy love. But, two years they both still holding on and both of them really love each other. I know because, I saw how Safwan treat his wife last two weeks when we are on the way home from Alor Setar, just finished attend our cousin's wedding and we drop by at Penang and drove with my Myvi to Gopeng.

:) I am proud of Safwan to see him taking care of Adawiyah, to hold her in his arms. I remember at that aged, I was still traumatise to get myself in relationship again. I hate the word of commitment. Especially to a man! (Yeah, I was broken heart at that time and choose not to trust man everrrr again. Share with you about that on some other time.) And when I was 18, gosshhh.. I have no guy friend yet!! Just finished my SPM. To me, at that time, boys are jerk and dangerous!! Seriously! (Well, coming from a girl school, what to expect about boys? Hopeless Nothing - ZERO!!)

But, they have showed me differently. Coming from their point of view, I guess both of them grew mature very well indeed. However, being a parents is not just having a baby. A baby need extra care and a lots of effection. And, worst come to worst, handling responsibility. It's not just handling responsibility towards each other and to the Baby. It's also, towards people who have you enrolled in other for them to see the vision together. The Family, your Brothers and Sister and the whole family from the both side.

Do take note on how Safwan actually make us believe that he can be a Husband and a Father.

When he first express his intention to marry Ayna, I am the first one to object. Why? Because, he has showed not much of responsibility towards the Family. Being the youngest among the sibling means, he can do whatever he wants to do and take advantage on other people, like that? I was furious to know that his future wife is just finishing school. Coming from my being, education is the most important to thing to accomplish to every body especially to woman, as general. When we woman have education, and use that as a tool for us to get what we aim for in life. Again, may I remind you that is coming from my point of view.

So, I do feel, that at that particular of time, Safwan is not capable to handling responsible as a husband and that girl surely are so young to carry out the responsible of a wife. Attending to "Kursus Kahwin" is not enough to equipt them to be husband and wife. A lot of obstacles shall be coming and storm them if they are not ready mentally and spiritually.

Until now, I don't know how are they going to survive, whether both of them shall stay strong together or not? But, what's important now is our prayer that everything shall come together and shall be sorting out, one by one, step by step and eventually bigger plans for them and for their generation. Who knows?

Looking at Adawiyah, she is so smart. Warm and lovely. According to Ayna, not much grungies but, when at times, she can be irratating but, hey, aren't we all like that? :) So much come for Adawiyah and I look forward for more from her.

Parent No. 2: Angah & Kak Sham

Angah and Kak Sham was married when both of them in their late 20-ies. They have meet in some ways where both of them know where they want to head. Both are matured and ready be live their live. If I’m not mistaken, it took them less than a year in relationship and then, Angah decided that Kak Sham was the perfect candidate to be his wife and a mother to his kids. Based on how both of them has raised Syamil and Zara, they are both so fine so far. But then, I think both my parents also should be taking credit of raising up Syamil and Zara when Angah and Kak Sham go to work.

Syamil is such sweet boy. Althought, he can be very annoying and little brat but, still manageable. He really attached with my Dad and although, I have witness a few of dispute between both of them, I find it’s funny. My Dad now is 64 enjoying playing with Syamil and just bring syamil “jalan-jalan” with his old Honda cap motorbike.

Zara is much closer with my Mom. Anyhow, her determined actually influences Zara in a way or two. And she is so smart like her Aunt, me.
One sweet day, Zara, one of nothing, Zara said to Kak Sham, “Zara nak pergi sekolah, Ibu. Zara tak mahu kahwin…!! (I want to go to school, mom. I don’t want to get married..!!) “At that time she was only 3 years old. I was shocked. How on earth, this 3 years old kid knew the word of “married“? I was puzzled and at the same time, I was so damn proud!


Anyway, as I observed that both Angah and Kak Sham educate Syamil and Zara just like what we always see in every boys and girls. So, typical that Syamil loves car. He can recognize a lot car on the road especially Nissan Grand Lavina. Oh, well! One day, when I was first learn how to drive, he make a special remark, “Girls can drive, huh?” I was like “excuse me? What do YOU mean?” but, I did not replied that to him. *rolling eyes* I just told him that, “everybody can drive a car, not only boys. Girl like me also can drive. When you and Zara grow up, both of you also can drive..” And he replied, “Mom don’t know how to drive pun,” Errm.. okey! :P “I reply, “If she wants to drive, she need to learn first and pass her test and then, she can drive. I’m sure, one day Ibu shall drive you to school like I did, kan?” and he smile, “Okey!”

Adorable and yet... must gives awareness to kids about role play of a gender.

Parent No. 3: Along and Kak Long.

Hehehe.. What about both of them that makes all the three boys sooooo special? Zikri, too bad that he was not around KL because currently he is at Sabak Bernam, Kak Long’s hometown. Her mother take care of Zikri since he was baby. Hopefully he will be in KL after he finished his UPSR this year and scores!!
I still remember the times before Zikri was born, Kak Long has scan her tummy at the clinic (pakar sakit puan) that, she is having a baby girl. Kak Long was so excited and posted a Baby Girl poster on her room. And when the Baby was born, it’s turn out to be a baby boy. Haha.. 
Anyway, Zikri and Zaidi only one year gap. And people usually may mistake them as twin because of their same size and interest. I hardly see them have a fight and actually both of them communicating same wave of language.

One day, I think when Zikri was about to learn how to speak. He was “pelat” for example, when he said “Ning Ale” means, “pening Kepala,” and many more words that I could not remember. There were at times, Zikri was being moody and he was asking for something from my mom, my mom and dad was puzzled. I was puzzled too, “tallok..tallok…nak tallok…” What the hell is tallok?? Suddenly, Zaidi throw his “bantal busuk”.. Laaa.. Bantal Peluk rupanya..

Kak Long is such a sweethear and Along is a romantic man in his own strange ways, I must say based on my experience. Remember during my early year in Universiti Malaya, I always go back to Cheras and spend my weekend with them? Yeah, on 25 August is Kak Long’s birthday. I was there to witness romantic moment when, Along bought a cake and put one whole big white candle on the cake and write a song for Kak Long, you know la how talented Along was in making his own song. :P


Owh, another memorable moment of both of them that we whole family could not forget. At that time, Zaidi was about two year old and they just come back from shopping, I can’t remember where is the location but, at that time, both of them still travel with his Honda cap motorbike. So, just imagine, Along was sitting in front, Zaidi in a middle and when Kak Long was about to be ride behind, Along just took off with his bike and left Kak Long behind. Kak Long was so shocked and speechless until she realizes that Along is not turning back. She was running like crazy woman, shouting and calling her beloved husband, “Abang…! Abanng………!! Abbaaaaannnnnnnnggg!!!”

I can felt how Kak Long was feeling at that time, the blood must be rushing up to her face and her heartbeat run fast and almost come out running towards Along.. And Zaidi was being quite, not feeling scare at all. Thank ggodnes that Along was not ride fast enough to make Zaidi fall. My Goodness..

Sure, it’s turn out to be one funny story now. Owh, wait until you hear about Zubir..

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