Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ode To My Family

By Sufi

I lived with my parents. Both of them are still alive and kickin’. And both of them have raised me on how a Muslim Malay girl should be. Hurm.. should be? What is that supposed to mean? I shall let u explore more of it after this. And yes, I am 31 years old woman now, as of date, driving my Myvi with 1.3 engine which I swear I don’t care enough to know about it. What works for me, is that this Myvi is a symbol of my so-called life. It represents my power within and it’s not just a vehicle that can bring me from point A to point B. Well, enough about my car. I shall explain about it in another topic and how it meant a lot to me. Well, YES!!! I am one of that women drivers, Mr. Bung!!! (F*** U!!) [Read this for more info;MP rapped for remarks against women drivers - Star Motoring - Car news, reviews, previews, classifieds, price guides]

What else?? Hurm.. my four brothers. Strong, caring, intelligent, smart, protective, determine, passionate man. (well, the list can goes on, you know...) They are my heroes with a shining armor and don’t mess up with me because you will get yourself into trouble, my friend. Is this a mild warning to my beloved boyfriend? 

And so, here I am a middle child, the third one. I am between 2 elder brothers and 2 younger brothers. Wow!! Can’t wait to tell the stories how I grew up with them. I almost turned up to be like boys, you know!

And yes, my three lovely and sweet sisters in law. They married to my first (Along), second (Angah) and forth brother (Wan). They have been sisters that I never had. And I welcome them in the family. Thank you for marrying my whatever brothers. *Please be informed that only my third brother (Alim) and I have yet to be married to anyone. (And the reason why I’m sharing this* because…[sarcastic voice]

Last but not least, my nephews and my nieces!!! [Awwhhh..!!!] Soon, I let you know how these kids thought me about life and what’s possible for future generation. The choice is in my hand and with every action that I did today does give impact, and this responsible includes you too my friend.

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