Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Shopaholic??? Money vs. Values

by Sufi

I have a confession. I think , I might be a shopaholic. Or perhaps, you guys can help me whether I do have a symptom or potential to be a shopaholic.

This morning, one of my co-worker passed me one big plastic bag contained a few women product that I ordered from her (as her side-income) and, it cost me almost RM100. I noticed that all my previous workplace got at least one person who would take a product to the office and promotes it their co-worker and of course, being a supporter, I support them by buying their products. From cloths to accessories, or some MLM's product - e.g. food supplement; women wash; you name it. So, haha!! I rate myself 1 to 10 (10 is the bigger) as 8 that I am always.. "support" them to generate their income. :P

This afternoon, on my way to the cafeteria to get lunch at my workplace, there it was a booth of this Bank who promotes credit cards. My eyes were on the advert that shows good offer that I should not lose. I am tempted to approach one "agent" and to get more info. We have eye to eye contact but then again a voice shouts at my ears, "NO!!! you have 3 credit cards all ready!! You need to handle the debts first!! REMEMBER???!!!" Quickly I look somewhere else and focused on what I am to get for lunch. Uuhhhh..!! I squeezed my purse holding myself to be patient. Huhu!!

This evening, after work I went for a dinner with a few girlfriends (my BFFs) and we all chit chatting about how things going on in our life. One of our friend just come back from vacation from overseas. Wow!! And when I look at her glooming being when she shared her shopping experience, I shut my mind and I just hearing, "cheap! cheap! cheap! cheap! original! very nice! more choices! cheap! cheap! cheeeeeeeaappp....!" [*sounded like chipping birds..]

And then, later in evening, I realized that, I have spent half of this months salary just to pay my credit cards...uurrhhhggghhh... and it's not reduce much!! :( Uuuuhhhhhhh...

And so, I googled on How to Recognize Symptoms of Shopaholic. A British study states that 2-10% of adults tend to love shopping. In women, this trend increased 9 times larger than the male. (WHATTT???!!!! 9 times?? ) Well, do I have a tendency to be shopaholic? Consider the following signs:
1. You are very eager to discuss plans for shopping streets. If not able to make it happen in one week, you’ll be disappointed. [Yahhh..sometimes..(*still in denial)]
2. Your moods change frequently. When shopping, you’re excited. (Of course!!!!!!) However, your emotions can turn grim when the money you have or even exhausted.
(Auuuch!! You got me at Hello!!!!)
3. You see a wedding party or a party rather than as a moment to have fun, but as an excuse to shop for new clothes. (Errrrrrrmmmmm...ehem!! I better let my bf answer this..)

So, am I a shopaholic? Well, I like to shop.. I love branded stuff but, I'm not that obsess like the girl in that movie, "A confession of a Shopaholic". I'm just like the rest of you out there.. (you know..) Normal. :) define normal can be subjective and what I have learned here to accept that "hey, we women have taste!" hahaha!!

Anyway, I would love to add that what's count is the value of getting what we want. It's not just a scarf, it can a symbol to someone. It's not just spend money, it's investing! We invest to boost up our confident level, we invest to heal our emotional break down. We invest on something that shall improve our relationship with others. So, it's not just buying a thing but, to be able to see the value that come out from the things that we bought for our personal development.

You see?!

Anyway, be moderate. Be thoughtful. Be thankful.

To me, it doesn't matter women or men who got the highest statistic on "who loves to shop the most," just as long it brings good values to us and be wise. STOP! LOOK! CHOOSE! and VOTE!!

Love, Sufi.

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