Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Knowing Your Sexuality and Live Happily Ever After ~

Recent news about lesbian chinese couple married at Batu Pahat cought me by surprise however, I really happy for them. Both of them surely know who they were and what do they want which most of us, (straight people) often get confused.

Anyway, I am totally open about LBGT community, although not much about them I knew except for the myth and my observation. However, I do find that they also have feelings. So what if there have different taste from "normal" people, what matter is of course the intention and their pure desire.

Who can choose love? When someone decided that he is in love with someone regardless of race, religion or sex, he knew it's coming from a true heart. Taking that big step to acknowledge how important their feelings are at the same time, we respect each other.

I know that I do attracted to beautiful girl but, to be in love and to have relationship with girls I doubt it because, I am bleassed to have the most increadeble man and I adore him every second. But, hey.. things might be different one day, I might turn out to be biseksual and he is okey with it or vice-versa. Oops!

Anyway, sex and sexuality is two different things. Having sex and making love is also in between one thin line. Sex is unpredictable. The thing about us, (Malaysian) we have not be open to discuss about sex because sex is always misinterpreted as being immoral, and this is because of the human act itself.

Doing Sex and Being Sex.. Uuuhhh.. interesting thought!! What about it?! Should I go further about it? Curiousity kill the cat. However, have a look and be sensible about people who choose to love same sex. What are they thinking when they decide that? Is it because of the hormone?

Honestly, at first I do have a goosebumb and uneasy feeling especially when I have witness some PDA thingy by the LGBT among themselves. My believe said, this is SIN! Not normal! Against natural law!! However, I opened up. I stop having that believe, I look at the situation and the possibility of having mutual understanding and respect, I choose to have that understanding and respect their being and I vote, I stand by LGBT community.

I have a situation before this, where my friend come to me and said, her husband left her because of one hot transgender. I was shocked that the husband prefer a trans over a woman but then, I stop and be aware of what was I'm thinking. So, should I reacted differently if the third person is a natural born woman? Of course not so, I should not over reacted about who is the third person is right? The doing is matter not the gender. So what if the husband finally decided that he is a gay, and if the third person is a HE, still the same. My advise to the woman, do the necessary things of what the Family Law has provided in getting her right, divorce or maintenance and blessed him that he is finally live happily ever after!



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