Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Heart That We Touched

"The most beautiful things in the world is your heart. And the most ugliest things in the world is also your heart"

- Sufi Mansor.

I am still feeling overwhelmed on what has happened last night. I have experience the most beautiful gathering ever. When two stranger met, and both of them open their heart to each other, inviting themselves into each other's heart and they open other people's heart too.

Ms. Chandra
I am so lucky to have known Ms. Chandra. She is the most beautiful person I ever met. She is humble, soft and sweet and yet she is also determined, brave and courages woman. I'm in love with her at first sight! She and her late husband, Mr. Ramasamy was blessed with two beautiful children. A son named Vinod and a daughter named Nitya. She is working as a Conveyancing Clerk at Legal Firm named Ramasamy & Co which the firm was set up by her late husband, just passed away end of last year.

How we met?
It's started by professional. I was working with one of legal firm in Kuala Lumpur and we both we're handling with the same person. Her firm acted as the Purchaser's Lawyer to the Purchaser. My firm was acted on behalf the Bank for the Borrower. So, that is how we get connected. She called me, because I am the person in charge for that matter and I have responsible to keep updating on the status of the matter whether the step of procedure has been taking care.

And the professional relationship become friendship. We just "click", and we exchange phone number but, it stops there because I decided to quit practise at that Firm. A month later, I have offered a new job by another legal firm. I do texting her on my current job however, she didn't reply. And the friendship lay as it is.

The Dinner Gathering.
And so sudden, I feel the urge to get in touch with her. Somehow, the vibes of thought has done a work of miracle. She also was thinking about me and we decided to meet up later that evening. Both of us was so thrilled that finally both of us going to meet.

Without my knowing, when I arrived at her place, she and her family has been invited to have a dinner with the Firm Lawyer, Mr. S. I felt bad that I may have caused quandary feelings to Ms. Chandra. However, when they invite me to join for dinner, I accepted it and it was the most pleasent dinner I ever had with a group of people that I met for the first time. I sense a family gathering.

I started by being open, respect and sincere and confidence. And from there, the evergy flows. Each one of them contribute something in the group. And as I remember, I felt love, care, kindness, openess, sincerity and a lot more. Each one of them gives positive energy and it makes me feel like I am part of them.

When I looked back of the sweet memories, it come to my point that each one of us contribute things that we want to get. If we want to have love, the best thing to do is to give love. To give love is to be love. Love unconditionally, without expecting a return.

I have achieve a lot that night and this is another breakthrough in my life that I shall never forget.

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