Thursday, June 23, 2011

True Love Of A Husband To His Wife

By Sufi

Yesterday, as I strugling to complete my article, my dad invite us, Along, Alim and I to have some teh tarik kat the Mamak. I suggest to go to this place called "Q-Bistro" because, they have wi-fi connection. As much as wanted to spend my quality time with a few good men in my life, I put my focused to my article and my goal.

Anyway, Dad has shared with us, mom's health condition. I was shocked to know that Dad inform us, Mom got symptom of high blood pressure. He told me mom got the same symptom like what he experience when he got high blood attack last March.

I remember those days. Mom was not in Malaysia at that time. My mom and My Antie, Mak Long finally achieve their dream to perform pray at the Mecca for Umrah. We are so excited about it and too bad that Dad can't make it. I remember how determine mom is when she decided to go to Mecca.

I tell you, she's been sharing about her compelling desire to go to Mecca since I was in High School. She keep telling herself, she wants to go there so many times and me, at that time was thinking, how come? It's so expensive and she never flew before to any other state by aeroplane. I feel bad when to think of I'm not really understand and believe that she can actually made it.

As time passed by, she's actually preparing herself with the knowledge, mental, emosional and this has make her belief to go to Mecca eventually shall come true. She has solid belief that she can make it. She reads a lot of religious book and watch some info documentary in Mecca. She's build the believe that one day it's her turn to be there. There is something about every each of true Muslim, where we feel the urge to be there and connected to Allah. I don't know how's the feeling gonna be but, surely it will increase the spiritual level of someone.

Well, of course to achieve her dream, there must follow up with an effective action, right? Money is the biggest consideration for her. She is a housewife and, she's been taking care of the grandchildren as one of her income. Other than that, she do saving. There are 3 ways of saving that she did.

1. Main "Kutu" - Hurm.. Explain? Can you guys just google?
2. Saving at Takaful Insurance and at Tabung Haji
3. Generate income from her homemade Curry Puff.

She need to have at around RM6000-00 for her to enroll herself to one of the travel agent that manage the trip to do Umrah. Thank goodness that, My Antie also encourage her to go and they are both really determined to go. I am so proud of both of them.

There is a lot of obstacles that my Mom faced in getting her goal. There is one time when, my younger brother need money for him to get married. Mom has chip in some amount of money to help Safwan. The time to go to Umrah some other times is not suitable for the trip to take place and so many things but, Mom really have iron will. Whatever the obstacle, she just do it and continue doing it.

Until the day comes, it's 8 March 2011. My Auntie and My Mom flew with another more than 100 people to Mecca. They flew with Air-Gulf and to see them, walk towards to door entrance is very inspiring to me.

WOW!!!! Honestly, they really did this.. Both of them achieving and live their dreams.. How powerful is that for someone who is just have education only until Standard Six. And now, she is 63 years old.

My mom is my hero.

However, during hertime in Mecca. Dad was missing her soooooooo much. He confessed to me that he miss mom so much until he felt lonely. Dad can be such an emosional man. His soft side is so gentle and I can sense that she really love my mom. SO DEEP. SO TRUE. And how I wish to have a man that loves me the way he love my mom.

Dad actually said that, his heart cannot take it if God took her away first, before him. I was touched when he said that and we assured him that things will turns out okay. Don't worry too much.

I felt a bit emosional at this time. I also don't know what will happen to us if we don't have a mother like Mom. The Iron Lady. And balance with Loving Husband - They love aech other with unconditionally. And they both are the best example for all of us. I'm sure, Along and Angah and Safwan has found the best woman for them and to live with.

And I remember when we celebrate Mother's Day recently on 8th May 2011, I woke up at around 11am, and committed to celebrate Mother's Day with my family. Alhamdulillah.. My Dad, My Mom, Alim (my 4th Bro) is awake and hungry. Surprisingly, two of my nephew (Zaidi & Zubir) are in the house as well..

After I did a few wishing Mother's day phone calls to my close cousins(Deq Na & Deq Ni) & Mak Long (My mom's Sis) and to my Sister in Law at Ipoh(Kak Syam), we all decided to go to have our lunch at Kampung Baru because Mom don't feel like doing or cooking anything today. Besides, it's near to my Angah's house (my 2nd Bro) and he join us together with his son (Syamil). Poor Syamil, her mother and two of his sis (Zara & new born Zuyyin) is in Ipoh because Kak Syam (my 2nd bro's wife) is in her "pantang period" and her mother is taking care of her.

Later that night, Along and Kak Long (My 1st bro & his wife) come to our house and bring one big barrel of KFC!!! Finger Licking Good!! :P And followed up Safuan and Aina (my youngest bro(the 5th Bro) & his wife) and also, lovely little Adawiyah, (2 months old - their daughter)

Why is it so special?

I never felt so close to this date just because I never celebrate it with full of my heart. Usually, I just wish this wonderful women in my family on their birthday. And to think of it, I can just show my love everyday to my mother and wallah..!! Happy Mothers Day everyday..

Anyway, why today Mother's Day is so special to me? Just because, I have witness the pure and simple feeling of each of my family member towards my mother, and how we appreciate her as the best example of how the best mother should be. I have witness, Aina, (the youngest member of the family) give breast feed to Adawiyah, how lovely the feeling should have been for her. I have witness, Kak Long help my mother to wash the dishes and clean up the kitchen after we had finished our dinner.. I have spoke to these incredible and remarkable women; Mak Long, (I shall share you her story in future) together with her 2 lovely daughter, Deq Na, mother of 3 and Deq Ni, just give birth to a baby boy - 2 months. And Kak Syam, mother of 3.

Yes, my friend. To have witnesses all of these moment is priceless. To have gathered so much love in the family for today is a blessing. I, too shall be a mother to some one and this someone shall love and adore me as much as I love and adore all the Mother that have entered in my life.

And to all man out there, what have you done to appreciate the woman in your life lately?

Lots of love

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