Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Why Men Don't Talk To Women?

This video is hillarious for me. Something to starts off. Wonder why MEN don't talk to women? Hey, we can come up with a lot of "answer" or assumption (to be political correct) to that question. However, can I suggest that before a man WANT to talk to a woman, maybe he should ask himself what is his objective? Who he want to talk to and who he need to be when he talk to a woman. So that, he can get his result.

I'm not an expert and I don't have all the answer to all questions. Anyway, I would love to share with you guys what did I found out about interpersonal communication. There is four type of style of communicating that we can categorized to. How to identify one? There is two type of people, formal and informal. And from then, we divided them to dominant and easy-going. So, there will be four groups and a combination of;-
1. Formal - dominant : Controller Style;
2. Formal - easy-going : Analysing Style;
3. Informal - dominant : Promoter Style;
4. Informal - easy-going : Supporter Style.

Controller Style
Driving, efficient and result-oriented
Weakness: Appreas insensitive, brassy and overbearing

Analysing Style
Thorough, exacting and persistent
Weakness: Apathy, boring, picky and stubborn

Promoting Style
People with this style mostly creative, enthusiastic and expressive.
Weakness: Lacks follow through, appears phony, pushy and insincere

Supporting Style
Accepting, cooperative and friendly.
Weakness: appear weak, indecisive, wishy-washy and smothering

Which groups are you in?
It can be mix of two groups but what's best suit you the most is your major. For example, I am a promoter-supporter and I lacked with analysing and controller. My bestfriend is controller-analyser and I can rely on her to get things done! My boyfriend is analyser-supporter. So, anything to do with numbers, maps, I leave it to him. It's too complicated for me. And many more characteristic that we can see in other people.

Why this is helping us to communicating well with other? So, that we can identify our strength and weaknesses in order for us to get what we want from others. Things get stuck because the meeting of mind did not exist. We need to get the balance and understanding so that what we want can be achieved.

This is just another mechanisme for us to see the possibility of having good communication with others. Enjoy! Practise make perfect.

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