Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Awesome!! Fantastic!! And, Remarkable Leaders!!!

To A Committed, Authentic & Responsible Man, Salim (aka S.I.D.)

You uplift me. You have challenged me in your own special ways. You are my biggest supporter, my brother. Lately, life has been moving for both of us. We had our difficulties and we faced it together, and we still hold on to each other. At times, when I come to you and asked for your support, you would say “Yes” to my vision and you would say “No” to my words of crap. When I need you the most, you are there to support, and be a committed, authentic & responsible man to me, your only sister.

I make a stand to you simply because, I love you. That three words nothing without the being and the doing. I want to get connected to you and least I can do for you is to support you in achieving your dreams because, you are capable to achieve everything that you want. Only you know how much it meant to you. So, let your momentum uprising, high and fly. You will be that “superman” that what you want. I share you my love, my honesty and my power. May Allah bless your journey of Life and to be the great Leader that you are..!!

To A Passionate, Authentic & Caring Man, Marcus.

You are the most open man I ever experience in a short time of period. You open up your mind and your heart. That 15 minutes conversation with you about your vision moves me at heart. We started off as a stranger, and then there is no coincidence why I sit in front of you. Never knew that your being inspired me, so much. You were praising my sweet smile and I thanked you for making my day a complete end. I was blushing, and how sweet-talker you can be and I know that you really mean what say. Especially, you were being open up about what friendship meant to you. You inspired people around you, include me. Like you said, “time and money stops us for us to do anything in achieving our dreams...” And I get you. You can use this opportunity to fly like a seagull and make the rest fly like you.

Your friends, is so lucky to have you in their life. I remember your were sharing about you have a desire to uplift everybody around you, so that they are lifted and you make it sound that “Everyone much win.” Never give up in achieving your vision because I experience you a powerful man.

To A Committed, Responsible & Giving Man, Rizmal.

Yes, you are Rizmal. Don’t ever doubt your power to achieving your goals. Your vision is to get connected with God, yourself, your family and friends. Your intention is so strong, that only you know how much it meant to you. Make it clear and solid, so that whatever consideration come and visit your head, you will handle it. Use your heart and work on your soul. It takes 100% to be who you want to be. Don’t scared to be vulnerable, to be open and allow me remind you that life does not promise you an easy ride. However, suffering is optional. It’s your being that counts. Be committed, be responsible and be a giver because that is what you are and you can make a difference. J

To An Authentic, Honest & Responsible couple, Lai & Melissa.

There is no accident why both you have the same being. The power is in each one of you. Both of you enroll to each other life, building the same and bigger vision to create love and affection to each other and to have a promising future together. Use ONE heart to move united, forever. Give 100% and go for it anyway.


Sufi LP145.

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  1. You are truly an amazing and beautiful woman! I promise you that I will grind, kick, slap, shout and pushes Sid to his limit, that I promise you, I will.... That is to thank you for being incredibly sweet and lovely... Thank you!

    Mel aka sid's buddy