Monday, July 11, 2011

Dare to Dream

Last Saturday - 9th July 2011, as Malaysian, I witnessed the "so-called illegal" assembly of Bersih 2.0 with a lot of feelings and opinion. One point, I felt sadden that, the police reacted as if the People are their worst enemy. Just because, they want to be right?

I have the awareness of what is "Bersih" are all about however, at first, I'm thinking, "Are these people serious in what are they demand of from the government?" So, I follow their development plus support them by understanding and I get their point of view. Eventually, their vision become my vision.

Basic idea, the Organizer intended to send the message to the People, the current Government (BN or PR) and the Agong that they want, to have clean and fair election. The Rally is one of the mechanism to send the message out.

One of my friend suggested, Malaysian can wear yellow shirt for a week as to support what they stand for Bersih. Or, the Organiser may distribute a yellow balloon to the Public for their support for Bersih. Better yet, why don't all of us, bring our yellow plastic bag and start to clean the city while singing our National anthem. Many ways my friend, one single act may make a different and impact by sending the message to all.

I think that is brilliant idea. And perhaps, during our Merdeka celebration, all Malaysia, wear yellow and we have our beautiful gathering. That is much more patriotic ways to celebrate our Merdeka this year, right? Is the police gonna say or do something about it? It may be a meaningful assembly to the Rakyat. To have freedom from fear and stand for what we dream of; a better unity Malaysia without labeling others.

I love being a Malaysian. I love Malaysia. I have a dream for Malaysia. My vision for Malaysia is for us to stand tall together, united regardless of our race, language, cultural, religion. I love our difference. It's unique. Beautiful. Being right is not going to make us win, but by being together. Every citizen of Malaysia, have a right to exercise under Federal Constitution.
Take initiative to get to know your right and exercise it. Show that you care about Malaysia and what you want to create for better Malaysia.

Bersih 2.0 campaign is another cause that was initiated by the Rakyat. There are many more cause are initiated by other loving, responsible Malaysian who would love to share their ideas to the public. Everybody have their vision of what they want for their country. And I would love to share one video from youtube on one man dream. Martin Luther King Jr. He make a stand for his people. He share his dream to all. And his dream DO come true.


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