Saturday, July 23, 2011

Be Close To You

Close to you.

I asked myself, who is the closest person to me? Families? Or Friends? Who really have that intimacy feelings with me and really know and understand about me? Who have really connected to me in a way like I felt so near and so meaningful? The one that really look at me, so deep, so pure and so intense until can touch the deeper core inside of me?

There is none other people except for myself.

To have think about it lately, I am feeling frustrated to have known that I have not seen the best of myself. When I at myself into the mirror, I asked, “Who is this woman looking at me?” and “Who she wants to be?” I smiled. It never crossed my mind to have an intimacy with myself. To really search what do I want and why this life is meaningful to me?

Every single day of my life, I lived and time goes by. I never really noticed how precious the time is. Then, I took things for granted. Many of us took things for granted. Because, that is how our life is, until it’s too late and no turning back of time. Do you know that within a year we spend how many hours? How many minutes? But do you know that this time meant nothing if we don’t put our 100% being and values to life.

We heard of wisdom words for example; time is money and we rush to get things done and we got hooked by the materials until we forget about a lot of human things that relate to us. We tend to neglect our loves one, and ourselves. How often do you spend time to look real deep into yourself? And refresh your views, your principles and your believe. Be close to you and put some loving to you and remind yourself that you is important without being selfish.

When we get hurt, we focused out to the person who hurt us but, never look at ourselves, never look at our fault. And when you put the blame on other people, does it make you feel good about yourself? Does it make you feel right? Does that feeling make you feel better? We are all human and we all make mistake. Faced up and face the truth.

You can make a different to your life by just be, human. Admit that we are not perfect and find ways to uplift your life. Stop being a victim and be able to stand on your feet and get to know yourself better because, life is so wonderful you are actually be open and get close to your heart.

Forgive yourself for all the things that you have said and done. Yes. Beat yourself up does not change the past and took the learning for your own benefits. Being a woman sometimes, I feel vulnerable and I use that feeling to make me stronger and tough to overcome the challenge that storm in my life. I thank to my close family and friends who support and loves me. That makes us wiser.

Do you know sometimes, when we pray to God, we ask for strength and courage, we are grounded. We say what we want and we received because we allowed that to happen. Only when we closed our mind, our heart, we hardly see the best that we could be.

So, friends and love one, just remember that the only person that really can love you is yourself and yourself alone can control your emotion and your action. It’s your choice to love and to be love, to be connected to the people around you. And it’s your choice to be close to you.

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