Sunday, July 31, 2011

Stage of Dreamers.

Tammy Lim and Teh Hui Ying, both of them are dreamers. Which they have dreams and they make their dream come true.

Dream, and Do it!

31st July 2011 will be another day that they shall never forget. I wrote this article dedicated to my beloved friend, Tammy.

I still remember when I was first connected to her, it was in middle of April 2011. We met at Asiaworks Basic Training. From the appearance, she is a tomboyish kinda girl. Tough. Well, she looks tough. Back then, I don’t know who she really was. But, knowing that she’s growing up with four brothers, I think I have a basic idea about her. However, she surprised me along the journey. The Power of Dreams

The event was successfully held at 3.00pm and finished at around 5.00pm in Auditorium of Kulai Foon Yew High School in Johor. I must admit that I was not very keen to travel from KL to Kulai, at first. And then, my brother saw her youtube advert about her recital on her Facebook wall. I never experience his this way! “Let’s go to Tammy and Hui Ying’s Recital!!” he suggested me with excitement. I was shocked and asked him again, “Seriously?!” He nodded eagerly and his face expression said, “YES!!!”

In my head, saying “Are you nuts?! You really willingly to drive that far? It’s only one day event that took less 3 hours of the time! Driving there is going to take more than 8 hours back and forth, and it’s on Sunday, the next day you have to work..bla bla bla..” I’m hearing my head whispered to myself. And then I stop thinking and start being conscience in what I am hearing and saying to myself. “Look, what’s possible here? What is more important right now? What is it that you want? You want to be there or not?! What’s with the consideration?”…In that 5 second, I made my decision!

“Ok! Let’s go!”

I will do whatever it takes so that I will be there. There must have been a very strong force or energy that made us feel that this journey is worth a million!! I put my intention to do it and let the universe works its way at the same time, enrolling other friends to go there is another challenge but hey, it’s Tammy’s Recital! It’s surely going to be excellent!!

That morning, we depart from KL at around 8.00am together with another 3 friends. Many things we shared on the journey, tips, stories, some bubu-moment and laughter, some insight out of the conversation and around 12.30pm, we arrived in Kulaijaya and another one friend from JB agreed to join in.

Once we reach the auditorium, I can felt the excitement to see what is recital all about. Target audience mostly are mandarin speaking and it does not stop us from participate and feel the excitement.

Music definitely is the language of the universe when everybody regardless race, language, culture, age, gender and religion was there to felt the energy of having a nice beautiful inspiring music played by two of our beloved friends.

From my own experience, what is so special about this recital is it’s reminded me that I am a dreamer. I have a dream and nothing in this world should ever change that. Dream BIG and I want to share one article that I read in the internet. . It’s amazing how the writer by his words, inspired me.

There are 5 reason why Dreamers and be Leaders.

1. Clarity of Vision. The only way one can realize his or her dream is only if there is a complete clarity of what is desired. If your vision of what you wish to achieve is blurred, you might never be able to realize your dream. A leader has to visualize a dream for touching the pinnacle of success.

2. Radical Thinking. A man with dreams is the closest to himself. His approach is very radical, pertaining to the roots. Since he understands his dream closely, he can connect with the majority. He can show the world a different way of thinking altogether by bringing new perspectives to life. Once he gets through to the people, he automatically becomes a leader.

3. Burning Desire. A dreamer has the advantage of an intense passion which can only grow for fulfilling what he wants. That desire itself makes him successful and keeps him alive as far as achieving his goals are concerned. It has the ability to motivate and inspire people as the burning passion can be seen in one’s eyes, leave alone work.

4. Reservoir of confidence and strength. A man’s dream is often so magical that it gives them immense confidence and strength which works not only for him but also people around him. When you know where you want to get and what you want to get, you will make the finest of decisions and would be willing to take risks in situations where people would not even dare to think about. Your attitude towards your dream would always be positive.

5. Pouring the heart. Last but not the least, one of the most important reasons of why dreamers can become leaders, pouring the heart into it. A man’s dream lies where his heart is.

People, human being without dream living life like a plastic bag. How would they view this life without having a BIG dream and where has the passion of life gone? Day dreaming don’t get you anywhere without action. So, let’s dream and make a difference.

I am sure that there is 400 audiences at Tammy’s recital and each one of them surely have many dreams. She, inspired me. She, make a stand to me and to the rest of her friends. Her being has been a remarkable. I want to fly like her. I have a lot of friends who have a dream. My family members, everybody have a dream. Make a stand of our dream. We just need to make it happen. Because we are leaders! We are fighters! And, definitely, a champion! A champion that shall never fade away!

So, don’t stop believing! Put the trust in yourself and your dream shall definitely be yours.

Fly and High ~


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  1. sufi, thanks for conveying this message to the world. This does make a lot of difference by willing to make a stand! Sufi, fly, just fly! - Tammy