Monday, July 4, 2011

The Power Within You

9th July 2011 is the day that we, Malaysian shall witness the changes that most of us would hope to achieve.

This morning while getting ready to work, I have to "samak" my ears for listening to RTM news on TV (I blame it to my parents for listening to those crap) describe to the people how bad it is to assemble this Saturday for the BERSIH 2.0 campaign. The King has ordered not to have the assembly. Yes, your Majesty. We get it! And I quote from the news broadcaster "Perhimpunan Haram". What do these mean by that? What are we creating here? A riot? Distability in the country? Why are they misintereprete the purpose of Bersih Campaign?

What is the main purpose of BERSIH?
In recent weeks there has been much public discussion about the proposed Bersih 2.0 rally for clean, free and fair elections for the parliament and state assemblies.

That's it. Why are you guys making fuss about it as if we are going to do something so bad like riot or anarchy and such matter. I, myself clearly support the campaign and intended to walk with them and would want to exercise my right under Article 21, Malaysia Federal Constitution; Right to peaceful assembly.

Peaceful Assembly
Again, do you read your Federal Constitution??!! Do you know that our Federal Constitution allowed the Rakyat to exercise their fundamental right to peaceful assembly. And the Police are supposed to accomodate the Rakyat to have the peaceful assembly, it's their duty to ensure the safety of the Rakyat and not to the current government.

The organiser have a vision for our beloved Country to have a clean, free and fair elections for the parliament and state assemblies. The only power that the Rakyat have is to vote during General Election and what we can do is to registre our name and vote the qualified candidates that are playing fair, no monkey business around. As Rakyat, I am serious in developing a better Malaysia for each and every citizen of Malaysian.

The Changes
We know what is not working in this country. Bribe. It's everywhere. We know about it but, we are still allowing it to happen. What kind of Malaysian you are and what vision you have for this country? Let's imagine this: If there is no bribe. The qualified candidates are smart and a visionary women or men, they shall have a fair and better chances to address their menifesto and what would they could create and lead to Rakyat to have a better Malaysia.

The Rakyat reviewed them without expecting some "interest" from them because both parties have same intention, is to have and to create a better values for Malaysia. And to achieve this vision, both Parties must do the necessary, do the changes and it's all started by their being and the power of changes always starts from within. Be the Changes. Do the Changes. And we shall have the Changes.

This is simple. If everybody play the role and be responsible for themselves, for their family and loves one, for the people around, for the country and for the nation. What values do we want to create for our next generation?

Malaysian, let us STOP. Stop doing bad habits. Stop having bad intention. Stop being bad. LOOK. Reviewed our weaknesses and look deep what is possible for us to have positive and better vision for Malaysia. CHOOSE. Choose what is best for you, you family and for Malaysia. And VOTE.

Be sincere. Be fair & just. Be honest. Be brave. Be responsible. Be Love & Care. Be kind. Be sensible. Be happy. Be together. Be thankful.

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