Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Death & Obituary

The great use of life is to spend it for something that outlasts it.

-- William James

Yesterday, I got news about the departed of our beloved friend, Olin. I never knew that she was having her cancer. I remember her. She was a warm woman, cheerful and always smile. She has a sweet soft voice and I am please everytime I'm with her.

Olin is the one the wearing flowery baju kurung.

I know her when I was working with Sisters In Islam and she is a part-timer clerk in Musawah(Equality) Department. I remember that she has 2 children, 1 teenage daughter and 1 teenage son. Both of them are very bright and smart and her pride and joy.

I loss my love one and remember the good times I had with them. Sometimes, I wish I could do something bigger than what I all ready gives. What if, I go first. Death is the closest thing to us and yet, are we prepared to leave this world?

Sudden death is shocking. Not prepared mentally and emotional. Last 5 minutes, we still laugh and chat with him or her, and then we received a phonecall saying that, him or her is no longer with us. No last minutes goodbye, just say.. "See you around.."

I still remember the last time I'm with my late grandma. She was the most lovely woman in the family. She was cheerful and always smile. She left us last year. We all know that she was sick, stomach problem. I had one last meal with her before she's gone and I still remember how appetide she was.
I thought, we could celebrate hari raya together again but, one week later, she no more.

I miss her.

And, I asked myself today, "How would I want to be remembered when I'm gone?"


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